I should begin telling a very embarrassing story…
I was probably 8 or 9 years old, and I still have some influence over my little sister – who is not as little anymore, she’s actually way taller than I am and you might even think she’s the older one.
So she and I used to play all those stupid games that we never told anyone, and she will most likely freak out when she reads this. But remember, Gorda, I love you.
We used to have this “imaginary band” where she was both the guitarist and the drummer, and I was the singer and something else I can’t remember. So we used to play at our grandfather’s backyard, listening to pop-rock music on the background. We rocked so much. We were the best, and so famous (in our own minds)! And sometimes we’d have real cool concerts and jump for our fans to pick us up and sing along.
Can you imagine how ridiculous this sounds? I’m seriously thinking if I actually want to post this right now. I think we never told these stories to anyone for a reason, although I’m sure our mom and grandparents knew about our performances… And they were always VIP. Just me and my sister never realized it, I guess.
Well, there is no actual point for this story, but to share a very embarrassing moment of my life and take my sister down with me.
And I do realize this will be the first of my not so lovely ‘Lovely Stories’, and I think I feel lighter now that I have started it, and from now on, I just want to keep going.

– M.

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