I’m back

So after a couple of weeks of not showing up here, what I have to say is: I’m still getting used to having a blog and having somewhere to share my feeling. So I’ll just let it out.
I mean, a lot of people out there are experiencing the same as I do everyday. And everyday someone new discovers they have Stargardt’s disease or some other similar or even worse than what I’ve got, and they don’t have a clue where to restart their lives. Some of them – as was in my case – are still teenagers or even children.
They have no idea what the world is like and how unkind people can be to others who are a bit different from them, the ‘normal’ ones. And some of you that are reading this right now even know exactly what I feel, and you just want to relate to it… That is what I am here for and I’d like very much to help.
So I know I have to share what I’ve got. I need to tell what my feelings are and how I’ve been through the beginning of all this up to this point to my life and tell you what it’s like for me.
Regardless if you have the disease, or if you have someone you love with this disease, or if you’re scared your kid is going to be born with it… doesn’t matter the reason you’re reading this. What matters is that I want to help however I can.

So let’s begging.



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