A silly-simple day today

Ok.No can we talk about something a little less… well… Heavy?
I’d like to start telling you about my very silly day so far.
Turns out that about a year ago I really wanted to be a blonde. But my hair is brown and I had it black for a while. So to make it blonde it would take – and it took – a year.
So, after 6 months actually being a blonde, I decided to just have my hair back the natural color, which can’t exactly happen, because I had it so light colored, it faded away a little bit after the tint.
So I colored it back to my natural color, and I cut bangs! I really feel like it’s a little girl’s thing, but I don’t care. I love it. Other women have it and it’s really pretty and I am super enjoying it. In fact, that’s where I get to how my day is going so far.
I went today to cut my bangs, just actually a trim. It was getting too long, after almost 3 months I cut them for the first time.
I love my stylist, she’s awesome.
And after that, I went to the store, because I need to buy some fruit and yogurt for the week, and something to wrap my husband’s birthday present in.
I bought it all and guess what: I also bought him a bouquet of roses – yellow, orange, red, rose, pink….It’s so pretty. Look!20171111_113641
Anyway. He was supposed to go pick me up at the store – since you know, I can’t drive because of my vision situation you probably read about before on the other posts. But I just got an uber, since it’s really close to my house. I just didn’t go walking because I had bags on me.
So I got home, and before I went to the elevator, I just wrote a card, and put the presents I had with me in a nice little bag and got the flowers all nice and put it all together, so when I came in the apartment, I could just put the groceries on the counter and give him the present.
He was so happy and it was really nice seeing him like that. He does so much for me. I mean, SO MUCH. he drives me everywhere. He helps me when I’m in trouble or when I need some computer advice. He buys things for me, he takes me out, he has so much patience and so much loves to give and looking into his eyes is my favorite thing in the world. It brings me such calm, and joy, and I fall in love with him all over again. He is my heart.
I’m not trying to be all cheesy, well… I kind of know I am, but what I mean is… I’m not that kind of woman who thinks that she should stop being herself, because of someone else, but I think we should grow together and right now, I’m proud of who he turned out to be with me and who I turned out to be with him, We don’t complete each other. We overflow each other. Silly…? maybe. But that’s what it is.
After that, I wrote a little something in the post below. You should check it out.
So far, that’s what I’ve been doing, and now I’m going to get ready. We’re going to dinner with the familly!


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