Foooood and me

I have decided after a couple of tries that I like cooking. But I like cooking when I’m listening to music, and drinking a cold beer or a glass of cabernet…
Cooking is relaxing. It can be relaxing. It just requires that you bring yourself to be peaceful first, so it can go smoothly throughout the entire process. Otherwise, it’s an obligation.
I do have a weird relationship with my kitchen. I like cooking as I described above but I hate when I have to cook something just to take to work the next day because what I cooked on Sunday was only enough for three days!!! It’s terrible.
I get home tired and still have to cook. That is really not cool. And I really try to avoid drinking and eating ‘non-healthy’ food during the week. Most of the time I eat better food from Monday to Friday and than I take my nice glass of wine on a Friday night and go relax. Next day, I like preparing a nice breakfast and maybe a dessert or a crazy-invented-recipe.
During that, I eat some not so healthy snacks…like chips and cup noodles.
Have you thought how much cup noodles can help our lives, though? If you don’t have something to eat for lunch, snack, dinner… there it is. Eat a cup noodle and you are good to go (out, to work, to sleep!). It might be a little too strange for breakfast,.so let’s not exaggerate way too much here.
Cooking… today I tried to bake a family-recipe chicken pie. Never tried before, especially not supervised haha. It turns out pretty great though;
Speaking of cooking, is there any recipes that you might want to share with me? I might want to try that. What about wine? I love wine so much. Do you have recommendations? If so, please, leave them in the comments. I’d be thrilled to try that out and tell you what I think.
I’m thinking of expanding what I post here. I want to tell you about my disease and how it has been since I discovered and how my life is now, ten year after finding out that this new piece of information would change my world and turn it upside down.
But I’d like to have a reserved part of my blog for wine and a little bit of finger food maybe. Simple stuff. And if I’m good at this and you like what I post, I might incorporate some of it about San Francisco and where you could go to have great wine, great snacky-finger food or even a meal and a good time!
Let’s us see where this idea will take me/us!
Have a good week, you guys!!!

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