I’ve decided life is short

Why do we complain?
We complain when we have and when we don’t have. We complain when we go and when we don’t go. We complain when We can and when We can’t. We complain all the time. I have to say, I am a complain queen. Everything. Good or bad, I’m always complaining. But recently I’ve been experiencing somethin unexpected and I’ve got a knot in my throat (it’s not something good though). What I can say is that I’ve been feeling different.
I’ve decided that life is short. Yes, I have decided. No one told me. I’ve read it before and I heard it before. But this time it’s on me. I have decided: life is short. I want to love. I want to jump. I want to laugh. I want to see things while I still can (my vision is not getting any better – my Stargardt is always there). I want to be happy and bring hapiness everywhere.
I’ll still complain here and there until I get to the best of me. But I won’t hold myself back anymore. I’m ready to take that step.
You know… my mom and sister are coming from Brazil and they’ll arrive today. They are coming to visit me for the second time now. It’s the most expected moment of all in my year plans. It’s surreal the amount of love I have for them and how much they’re missed.
Remember I just told you about that problem I’ve been going through? I’ve been short on money… I had to pay a lot of stuff these last couple months and now they’re coming and I don’t really have money to spend as I’d like to. And I don’t know if you know but in Brazil the money is called Reais, and if you check today, 1 dolar is equivalent to about 3.35 reais. It’s a big difference, so I can tell you they won’t have that much money either.
So with that, along with my new non-complaning-policy (I also decided to stop complainimg about it), I want to say that, ok, fine. They don’t have that much money (although more than me, after all, they are the ones travelling) and I don’t have that much money.
I want to go walk on these real cool and cultural streets in the city and I want to drink cheap beer in my apartment playing cards or I want to sit by the pool, wearing a blanket, and drinking some wine and talking about our childhood. I want to hug, I want to love, I want to spend quality and real time with my family. I want these next 3 weeks to be the best of my life.
Because here money is not the issue. It pays for the beer and the wine, of course, but it’s not the selling point of our fun and hapiness.
I just want to wake up in the morning and have loooots of coffee with my mom and I want to be silly with my little sis.
Let’s all be more simple, and silly and happy, shall we?



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