This is my new year’s plan

Mom and sister were visiting me for 3 weeks. I’ve been away for that reason. It was so great! We did so much stuff, and we had so much fun. I even gained a couple of pounds! Mommy cooks really well. And we also had quite a good amount of beer and more beer.
Do you live close to your family? If you do, please, take a piece of advice from someone who doesn’t: enjoy them as much as you can and do things together. Meet for coffee, cook them dinner, invite them to a party or go to theirs. Do sleepovers, ask them for a wine tasting with you, plan a weekend trip together, take pictures… Enjoy your family (and friends), because you might not always live near them. Maybe you’ll stay put, but they might not. So make every moment feel precious and important because that’s what they are. Right?
But hey, that’s my opinion. Some families work out because they are not close to each other. That’s fine too. Just don’t forget to treasure who is special in your life.
I moved out of Brazil about two and a half years ago. I miss it but haven’t gone back there yet. I rather have them visit me, I guess.
By the way, have you been tuned to some of Brazil’s news lately? It’s tragic. I don’t think I want to see my country the way it is at this moment. It’s really sad and I guess staying away sometimes is best. I don’t know, I might be wrong.
But anyway… I’ve been away and I miss my friends and my family. But let’s look forward and live our lives. We’ve got only one! So let’s see where it takes us.
It’s a new year. Most people have resolutions and dreams about the beginning of a new year. That’s great. I really think that is awesome. For these people, it’s the easiest way to visualize their new chances in life and a new start or a brand new page to write their stories. It is admirable.
To me, a new year is the continuance of the past year, which was 60 seconds prior to the current/new one. I know it sounds really “un-hopefull” (hah does that word even exist?). But it’s just that I don’t stop dreams from last year or make brand new agendas for the new one. I just continue living.
Yes, I do want certain things to come true or to work out within this new year, but it’s not a ‘must be’, it’s mostly a wondering or a chance to try. If it doesn’t go as planned, ok, move on and keep working on it or change the path or make alterations. No big deal.
Of course, there are ‘must be’ stuff that people need to do, and that is important too. Plan. Set it up. Organize. Just don’t let the plan rule you. Rule the plan. If it goes as you wished for, be happy for it and congratulate yourself. If it doesn’t, it’ll be a lesson for the next step and you don’t have to start it by January 1st and be stuck for three months waiting for the new year to come. You can start in on September 14th, or November 29th. A Saturday, a Wednesday… Doesn’t matter when you start planning or when you set up what you need to do. Just stat and then things will go from there. And each day you’ll learn with your successes or mistakes.
That is my advice/resolution for this new year!

Kiss xx



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