New Perspective of my blog

I am still deciding, but I’m tranforming my blog into something way different.

• My peronal experience moveing to the U.S. (english and portuguese);

• My personal life with Stargats disease (english and portuguese;

• I love weddings and I’d love to talk about my own and others. Specially those small weddings, with many DIY things… it’s so amazing!;

• I love wine.  Everybody know that.  So I will talk about it all the time – not exactlt ecplaoning anything about th e wines, but mayne ginding optipns for you, and talkong aboit experiences that involve wine in m’life! ;

• Brazil – where to go and not to. And some really nice insights from my sister, who is a Rio de Janeiro’s expert! ;

• California – a littlw bit about places to visit in the Bay Area;

• And the most recent and most amazing that has happened to me in a long time… I’ll tell you all about my personal experience with Yoga and how incredible it has been to ne.
I might transfer my blog to a new address, but I’ll let you know about it.
Many posts, even the ones I didn’t point as Portuguese and English, might be in both languages. I’ll always tell you in the headline or I might just make an “in Portuguese”, “in English” menu…
This is marly a reminder/informational post. So there is nothing set yet. Keep following the info here and as soon as it is all set or in progress, I’ll let you know!
Bye, amores!

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