An experiencce that’s been changing my life: Yoga

I’m back again. The past few weeks have been really intense and complicated. A lot of changes around here and I’ve been a little overwhelmed with everything. But I’m grateful that my husband’s knee surgery went well and he’s now recovering.
He’s really good with it. The changes and all of it. He doesn’t complain about anything. He thanks me constantly for taking care of him and says that I’m doing more than I should. I don’t think so, but it’s really nice to hear it!
I’ve been meaning to tell you about a new passion in my life, that has been helping me through all the difficulties of my vision condition and with life’s hardest moments, as the one with my husband not being able to even walk without a little help.
It’s really hard to see it and very sad to know even doing my best to help and be there for him, I can’t take his injury away, I can’t do more than what I’m already doing. It’s frustrating being so limited and seeing him so limited. He’s originally very active and he brings movement into the house. But as everything can change, I’m changing too. I guess now I’m the movement in the house!
Which brings me to tell you about my new passion: Yoga and Meditation. I’ve been practicing for less than three months now, but I fell in love with it in my first class, and every day it makes me more in love with it.
It’s been bringing me so much joy and respect for my body and my boundaries, and yes, my limitations. By challenging myself and discovering how much I still have to learn, I started feeling connected to my body and mind and felt more freedom and this journey of getting to know myself better and understanding it, had been fun and unexpected, but as a good thing. I’m really excited about it all.
Hard times and difficult moments will always be a part of our lives. More to some people, less to others. But it doesn’t mean that some problems are bigger or smaller than others. The difference between them is how we see it and how we chose to get past it or to fight for it or to improvise with whatever it is that life throws our way.
I realize that this sounds a little “living in the clouds” , but if you have read any of my past posts, especially the few first posts, I told you about my vision condition and how it’s been getting worse and there is nothing I can do to see better, to help it stop getting worse or decrease the advancement of it.
So I’ve been learning with yoga and meditation that we must understand and accept when something is beyond our control, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop fighting. It means we have to work harder, and that we shouldn’t take life so seriously. We should cherish happy moments and our minds, and people we love. And do what we love and be who we are, even when it’s hard.
Surrender to what is out of our reach doesn’t mean stop living. It means to start living in a way that you can feel free and complete within and this way, be able to help yourself be and feel good and spread that to those around us.
I’m just at the beginning of my yoga journey. I’ve been noticing so much change in me. And even though a lot of people think yoga is not for everyone, I strongly disagree. Some have more difficulties finding themselves than others, or they adapt to things in different ways. But we can all benefit from getting to know ourselves deeper. We can all be part of the same journey. The journey is the best part.
And if you never want to read my blog again because it seems I’m too weird and my story doesn’t make sense, I understand. But now, more than ever, I have been finding myself more, each day and realizing that this is how I want to live. With freedom and a happy heart.
And if you do keep reading my posts, I think that even for the brief moment of you reading my words, you might feel lighter and maybe start being mindful of the need of letting go and embracing yourself and your reality as it is and if you can and want to, you can reach to what is available to you and surrender – not give up, be aware of that – to what you can’t change.
That is my story today and from my heart to yours, I hope you have a great day and awesome week.
Happy Easter, Amores!


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