Exupéry inspires…

I just dropped by to say ‘hello!’, as I’ve been having a little bit of “time” issues, and everything is still a little crazy around here.
I wanted to just leave a thought… a passage of a book I love, from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Lettres à L’inconnue, where he talks about life and it’s hard moments when we can’t always tell what is truth and what is not, and sometimes how we feel when we wake up to life and realize we’re a bit “off”…
It has many many many interpretations. I won’t really go deep into it today. Just wanted to share a very beautiful part of his work, that inspires me and makes me think, every time, of something new and that can absolutely be incorporated into our lives.
“Fairy tales are like that. We wake up one morning. We say: “It was only a fairy tale…” We laugh at ourselves. But deep within, we’re not laughing. We know all too well that fairy tales are the only truth of life” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Talk soon, amores!

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