What Yoga can do.

Hello amores, how have you been?

I’ve been away for a long time and I’m very sorry for that.

Lately, as you know, so many changes have been occurring in my life. But at least my husband is all better from his knee injury/surgery and everything is going well.

As for work, everything is good. No biggie. And like I told you a few posts before. I’ve been practicing yoga and oh my God! It’s been so amazing and I’m so happy. I’m learning so many things. And I dont just mean postures and pretty stuff. I’m learning a lot about myself and the way our body works when we focus on ourselves and how much we change our ways and our mind becomes more clear and the heavy thoughts occupy way less space than before

The other day I was thinking about how yoga impacts my vision loss and as it turns out I’ve been feeling a little less disappointed with the world. Specially after I finish a practice or a meditation. Its really incredible.

I want to spread this to others. I want people to know how this has been great to me as it has been to so so so many other people. And whoever thought of trying yoga and hasn’t yet, please go ahead and give it a chance. It’ll change your life for the better.

Do I still have sad moments with my disease? Yes. Do I feel upset because I can’t see half as “normal” people can? Yes. But at least after I started practicing I’ve noticed that I haven’t had a “breakdown” or any “crying attacks” as I used to (so often!).

Maybe I’m mumbling here. But I just wanted to share this experience with you once more and dont think I won’t share it again, everytime I learn something new and amazing!

Thank you for reading.

Bye, amores!


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