Let’s turn life around

Hi amores, I’m here again to tell you I haven’t given up on my blog. I’ve just been very busy.
I have news! I’m going to attend a Yoga Teacher Training in October and I’m so happy and excited to share my new journey with you.
So far, ever since I started practicing Yoga, my life has been turning around. I’ve been learning so many things about it (Yoga), but about myself and my relationships and I’ve been incorporating the new “vibes” to my everyday life. It’s been great.
And I want to tell you: follow your heart. Really. If you have read a few of my past posts, I’ve told you about my Stargardt’s Disease (Genetic retina degeneration that can only get worse. Never better). And for the past few months, I, of course, have lived with it every second of every day, but I haven’t been feeling like my life is over or that I can never achieve anything or that I have to throw my dreams away just because yeah, I’m losing my vision each day.
I’m learning to deal with all the little problems that come here and there, but also with this big one that I can’t actually fix, but I can go around it and try my best to be my best self as I help others.
About almost two years ago, my husband’s sister became a Yoga Teacher in Brazil. She is amazing. An amazing person. An amazing teacher. And in January, when I had all sorts of health problems with my clogged ears (never truly hundred percent better ever since and my heart all weird and not being able to breathe), she told me to try Yoga.
She told me meditation could be tricky and I really needed something to help me as fast as possible. So I started practicing at home and I started feeling like it was helping me. So I did it every day and improved my postures and my mind. I turned into something else. Calmer. More concentrated. And my vision wasn’t my number one preoccupation every day anymore. I just wanted to come home from work so I could practice.
I started looking for videos, and books and reading a lot about Chakras, which have been so incredible. And one day, almost five months ago, I decided I would become a teacher. Because I wanted to help other people, as the “push” from my sister-in-law had helped me.
I was thinking “What if I had Yoga when I first found out about my vision disease and that it didn’t have a cure, treatment or anything that I could actually do that would help me grow up into being a person who wouldn’t let go of her dreams because of something like that?”
What I want to do is help people go through their problems with calm, peace and lots of breathing. If I can help one person, I can help a thousand people. I want to be there for them. Because my life would be very different if I had this when I most needed it.
So, if you are like me, if you have a problem that is so big you can’t really fix, or if you are struggling with something that doesn’t depend only on you to get done, or if you dream and have been thinking of giving up, Don’t! Try one more time. Look at things differently. Try something new. Talk to a friend. You might surprise yourself and actually get to the point of making that dream a reality.
Please, try. I’m trying and I’m very excited to see where my journey will take me.
Have a great week, guys,


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