To New Beginnings!

Hello guys, welcome to my blog.
I’m very excited to share with you that I’m officially back to my blog and this time I ain’t going anywhere (not if it depends on me!).
I’m very happy today and very sad too. I’m leaving my current job and I’m going to miss it a lot, although it has it’s hard moments too, as every job does. But I know it’s happening for a reason, and one path closes and another one opens, and new beginnings can be scary sometimes but if we have an open mind and a tranquil heart, we can get through just about anything, am I right?
But I do have a couple news. I’m moving to a new apartment, and it’s a very zen and quiet area, where I can practice yoga without the distraction from the train honking by my window (yes, it happens at least 20 times after I get home in the evening and it’s hard to stay asleep through the entire night as it comes and goes during the time, too).
And it’s a nice place, with an ocean view park right in front of it. Very spectacular. And I’m very excited to start that new chapter and create new memories in my new home. I really like our current apartment, but this change is going to be very good for my husband, as well. And it will be a little closer to the Studio where I’m doing my Teacher Training!
Yes, I am going to become a Yoga Teacher and I’m loving it and I’m so glad to have this opportunity. To deepen my understanding and to learn more about something that I came to love so much, and that has helped me overcome so many feeling and situations in my life.
Yoga has helped me close so many doors that were making me walk backward in life or stay stuck somewhere. And it was the start point for me to have the courage to open doors once closed by fear – of what would become of me and all my limitations. It made me realize I don’t need to be afraid of trying. And that’s what I’m going to do. Try more. And try again. And if I fall, that’s ok, I’ll have something to laugh about, and a new experience to share with you!
I’m going to have a month off, as I prepare for the training, studying the books a little further, trying new postures, and studying them, and getting my new home up and organized, after unpacking aaaaall the boxes (so many boxes!).
So it’ll be good for me. I’ll have much more time toblog. I can tell you about past and future, as well as other things that I’ve been meaning to talk about but never remember or have time to do so. Well, I can’t say I won’t have time now, can I?
This is my story for today. I hope to talk to you soon. Thank you so much for reading.
bye amores,

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