Buying x not buying

Hey, how’s everything?
I’m here today because I’ve been thinking of this thing, and it just won’t leave my thoughts. I guess I’m supposed to blog/talk about it.
Lately, as it happened before, I’m in a non-spending moment of my life, and often times I catch myself wondering “but just this little thing, it’s ok to buy it, right?” or “I really need this!” etc, you got the idea.
And after a few weeks with this feeling that I want what I don’t have and/or the feeling that I need it, I realized I don’t. And it was and it still is extremely hard not to buy what I “desire” and to have to fight my impulses.
When we see a nice item at a good price, what do we do? We instantly want it. Sometimes (most times) we don’t need it. But we convince ourselves that that little thing or that very special price is worth it and that we should take the advantage of this “opportunity”. Should we?
We need to find that “line” in between the crazy-spendy-person and the super-rigid-non-spending-at-all-person. We need balance. We do live in a world where things are available to us, we just need to be willing to pay for it. Sometimes we can afford, other times we can’t. We need to analyze if we need it and if it’s worth it.
Our lives are so short. I know we often just want to fill the emptiness or “emotional distress” of a bad day or a fight with a friend or a date-night coming up, with new things. But also remember, you CAN be happy with less! Rather you have a lot of money or just enough for food and rent.
Love yourself and others. Care more for relationships than for things. Call someone and talk about their day. Let go of your ego and your desires of having what you don’t really need.
I certainly need to work on that too, but the first thing we need to do is to recognize where we are in that matter and decide if we want to change. If the answer is yes, join me! It really does feel amazing when we deice that life is more important than things, and that moments are more important than purchases.
How about trying it a little bit, baby steps?
I hope you do try and it works just as well for you as it has been working for me.
Bye, amores,


2 thoughts on “Buying x not buying

  1. I can only say i’m very happy for you and all the advances that ur life has taken. I’m proud my biggest sister found things to make herself more complete. Whether with yoga, whether with the non-madly-buying stuff experience.
    I hope u continuo ur journey as the incredible person u r. U deserve it.

    Love u, fat ass


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