“She was just a little girl, with all those dreams and creative imagination. That hasn’t faded away, but it has changed a bit, with all the ‘growing up’ situation”.
I’m Marina. I’m in my mid-twenties and I am from Brazil. I have a non-curable Degenerative Genetic Retina Disease, called Stragardt, that I found out about when I was thirteen. It changed my life, but it also made me stronger and in a way made me realize how much I want to tell my story.
I love writing since I was that little girl, but I’ve always been so shy and embarrassed by showing what I’ve written to people.
When I moved to the US, couple years ago, I lived in Washington for a year, in a city near Seattle. And after a whole lot of rain and cold – which, don’t take me in the wrong way, is great but not at that amount, not for me – my husband and I decided to move to California, and we now live in a city near San Francisco, where the weather is much better, even when it doesn’t rain as I’d like it to, or when it’s too foggy. That’s quite alright…
So here I am, full of characters in my head, experiences and stories to tell, and a little comedy or tragedy that I very much would like to share and maybe it will make sense to someone who might be going through a similar situation as I am/have, or not, but I’ll bring some joy and laughter, or even some tears, but it’s ok, because it’ll have been from the heart and that’s what matters.
If you do read my blog you’ll find out about it all, a little bit at a time. I hope you enjoy my words. And I do apologize in advance for my English. I know it might be a little confusing sometimes, but it’s not my first language, and I’ve been trying very hard and doing my best.
Please, feel free to correct me! As feel free to contact me and tell me what you think!
So with no further ado, I present to you…
My stories at GivenPerspective.com
– M