Welcome to my website/blog. I hope you’re doing well!
I’d like to talk a little bit about myself, so you can get to know me a little better.
First of all, I am Marina, nice to meet you!
I’m a Yoga Teacher, registered by Yoga Alliance and I teach in the Bay Area (California). Practicing yoga is a daily adventure to me, as it reconnects me to my inner child and makes me feel happy and alive, centered and grounded, all at the same time! I love the feeling brought by each practice and each pose transforms me in their own way.
I always had a lot of space to play and run around when I was a kid, back in Brazil, and that rush and stamina is what I feel now in my Yoga practice! It’s amazing.
A few years ago I struggled with depression and many health issues that brought me to my lowest steamed self and somewhere I never want to go back to. Yoga brought me back to life and I am very grateful for that. I’m also grateful for the person who first showed it to me and made me realize how special it can be and how we can change lives by incorporating breath and movement into our everyday life.
I want my students to feel alive, happy, realized and achieve their goals by practicing with me!
So if you want to change yourself, clear your mind, achieve more strength and flexibility, connect with your breath and your inner Self, let’s do Yoga together!

Thank you for reading, Yogis,


Marina Carmo