My name is Marina Carmo, I’m from Brazil and I’m 25.
I grew up in a medium-sized city where I could play
outside and be in contact with nature.
I love the idea of fluidity in life. Fluidity that can take us where we are most needed, and where we most need to be. And it’s incredible how Yoga can bring me back to that feeling of freedom that I had when I was a kid.
I started practicing yoga as a way of freeing my mind of many thoughts and situations I had been experiencing regarding my health. And I never thought I could enjoy my life or understand the things that had happened to me. Even though problems and health-related situations didn’t go away, Yoga gave me the opportunity to see the many possibilities I had
never seen before.
I fell in love with it, and I had an inspiring person in
my life who told me I’d make a great Yoga Teacher
one day. I laughed and told her I could never teach,
but after about a week, I was enrolled on a Yoga
Teacher Training and I’m so happy and grateful for
making this decision.
I hope to inspire students daily and help them find them
own passion in life, after all, our goal in life should be
happiness and letting go of what is no longer allows us
to be our own true selves.

– Marina Carmo
200RYT and RPYT (Prenatal) (By Yoga Garden SF – San Francisco, CA, USA)