Let’s bee free and do what we gotta do

Lately, I have been having lots of ideas for the blog, and I haven't been sharing it yet because I want it not only to be a surprise but an ongoing one and I want to keep you always happy about the content. I want to create something fun, sophisticated, helpful and super awesome that … Continue reading Let’s bee free and do what we gotta do

New Perspective of my blog

I am still deciding, but I'm tranforming my blog into a U.S. inmigration info blog (In portuguese) /my peronal experience moveing to us (english and portuguese)/ my personal life with my stargats disease (english and portuguese) / I love weddings and I'd love to talk about my own and others/marriage is also fun to talk … Continue reading New Perspective of my blog

What do I want to be today?

Picture from: https://twitter.com/3da0831ee31f4a0

"I get the funny feeling and that's alright". It's what says a tattoo I got with my sister. What does it mean? Nothing? Too much? I'm not entirely sure. Green Day is my favorite band and they have all these deep and political and emotional songs and they can 'do' a lot. Kept me thinking. … Continue reading What do I want to be today?